How my story began,

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Collegiate Auxillary Dancer



I'm Cicley E. Burke. I consider myself the cream of the crop or better yet, a Beauty of All Trades.  While spreading knowledge, I have also been able to take my trades to the next level, making me into the businesswoman that I am, today.

RenaiZance Diva Lash & Co. came about during my career as a collegiate dancer. As a dancer, we are required to look our best, at all times. I was always complimented, from my make-up to my hair. Having amazing quality and looking flawless means a lot. That is where beauty and cosmetics become a huge investment! My way of saving money was to customize my own personal wigs and network with others who posed the same interest. This is how I met my vendor, having a friendly conversation in class, we noticed all of the amazing opportunities we could offer one another. We stepped out on faith, welcoming new things! And I must say, this is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

For me, personally, I have always found interest in creating in home products to maintain a good skin routine, anti over the counter medication, and tapping back into my roots or stand out by  my dramatic custom earrings. I live a holistic lifestyle, I enjoy being able to heal others, educate others, and bring the good from our earth. It's very important that we take care of ourselves, and grant self a lot of much needed care.


All of our products hold a  special place in my heart. Lashes are fierce. Our wigs are one of a kind. And our holistic care products are made with love and knowledge. Our sophisticated clothing will have all eyes on you!


 Become a Diva & shop with us.

Motivational Quote from one Diva to another:
"Mind over Matter" See the good in everything you do!

North Carolina Central University "MSM" eClipse '11